How does the membership process work?

1. Register online and submit an application.
2. Make payment either by calling 905-725-5798 or in person at Gagnon Sports.
3. Successfully complete the mandatory GSC Range Certification Course.
4. A membership card will be issued.
5. Enjoy the shooting ranges.

When will the application process begin?

We are now accepting applications.

How soon is payment required after making an application?

Payments must be with a week of application or the application will be cancelled.
Payments may be made in person at Gagnon Sports or by calling 905-725-5798.

Will the applicants be accepted on a first come-first served basis?

Yes, there are a limited number of memberships available, so don’t delay.

Will a firearms license be required to use the range?

Yes, valid PAL license is required for the primary VIP Member, Add-on Partners, and Registered Guests of the primary VIP Member.

Who may be considered as Add-on Partners of the primary VIP Member?

Anyone living at the same residence as the primary VIP Member may apply for Partner Add-on. Proof of residence is required.