Our Range is On the Way

Our Range is On the Way

Gagnon Shooting Centre construction is well underway. Our projected opening is August, so everyone at Canada's Best Sporting Goods store is gearing up. As our guests & customers can see, crews are hard at work digging, leveling, building. We could not be more excited.
And we are SO CLOSE!

Common Area

Big roomy spaces for a waiting area. We will showcase awards & achievement notices as well. Gagnon is the place for the marksman... and markswoman! Our waiting area will showcase pistols, rifles, ammo, and accessories.


Classes have begun! Certified instructors will be teaching the non-restricted, restricted firearms safety courses and the range safety courses.

30 Meter Pistol Range

There are ten 30-meter pistols lanes. Ten means no waiting.

Construction of the 50 meter Rifle Range

Our new shooting range has six 50-meter rifle lanes. Best of all: an AUTOMATIC TOUCH SCREEN TARGET RETRIEVAL SYSTEM! Yes, you read that right.. AUTOMATIC! No going down range to reset targets.
Safety will always be our top priority. The upgraded shooting stalls are made of steel and bullet proof ballistic glass.


Whether for hunting, self-defense, or sport, we all need to hone our shooting skills. As we get closer to the opening, look for info on special training classes for both self-defense and for hunting techniques. We are currently researching the most seasoned teachers in the area and around Canada so we can hold Master Classes in technique, equipment, targeting, focus & skill-expansion at our new gun range. Taught by professional law enforcement, military, and private citizens, our goal is to have every student reach the level of training one might get in the very same fields as our experts! Most people NEVER take a course, so in record time, you’ll be light-years ahead of your gun range & hunting buddies.